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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pumpkin Fudge

What a hit!

For Christmas, my gift to one of my brothers was a batch of pumpkin fudge. He had his first taste of this absolute amazingness from a recipe I made at Thanksgiving. A co-worker brought them for us to try out in my office and I was determined to try to master the dessert myself. Talk about a melt in your mouth, wonderful goody of yum {not going to lie, I ate about 10 squares throughout the day}.

With that being said, I wanted to give it a shot at Thanksgiving. I was nervous because I had never made this before; my family and our guests like pumpkin, but I wasn't sure how much pumpkin. Oh my goodness... IT WAS A HIT! Everybody loved it and asked to take some home!

My brother specifically requested this dessert as a present... That was all he wanted for Christmas! Since we all know I just love food, I wanted to share this recipe with my friends and fellow bloggers. Plus, it was a good enough excuse for me to try some too. You know, I had to make sure it was edible before giving it to my own brother. I can't poison him with my cooking; I was totally looking out for his well-being.... Right... 
Here's the recipe below, but if you follow this link you will find it here as well.

Note: I did not include nuts in this recipe. Also, the pumpkin part is under the chocolate part 

Hope you and yours enjoy this delicious dessert! Who knows, maybe this dessert will make another appearance for Christmas...

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