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Friday, February 7, 2014

The final results...

Remember when I showed ya'll the fun herb craft I wanted to do for my kitchen? Well here they are!

Things I bought:
  • 3 different pre-potted herbs
    • basil
    • cilantro
    • lavender
  • 3 potting buckets
How I did it:
  • Because the buckets I bought didn't come with holes in them, I would need to add the holes myself to hang. To do this:
    • Drill a hole about an inch from the top of the bucket on one side
    • You want to make sure it's about an inch from the top to provide more support to the plant if you hang it
  • Place pre-potted herbs into buckets {the pre-pots are plastic}
    • This will allow you to be able to remove the buckets easily to water the herbs
  • Hang the bucket on a nail, tack, or hook of some kind
  • If you don't want to hang them, you can still keep them in the cute buckets and place them somewhere in your kitchen.
  • I had a roll of burlap so I used that to decorate the outsides of the bucket
I haven't decided yet if I want to hang them or not... We shall see!

**There will be a series starting soon that will give you folks a tour of my home, so you will get to see where these delightfuls end up.

The little chalkboards are a purchase I made a few months ago at Target. They were on sale and I just couldn't pass them up. Now I just need to purchase some chalk to label them and voila! Hope you enjoy!

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