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Monday, May 12, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday's

Here at SoKo Blog, I like to partake in some uplifting, feel-good, kind of things. To continue these vibes, each week I link up with Ember Grey for her "Grateful Heart Monday's" (#gratefulheartmondays) to celebrate the start of a new week, rather than casting hatred towards the day.

Ember Grey

Today, I am thankful for my mother. God has blessed me and my siblings with a woman that we can love, talk to, and adore each and every day.

My mother is my best friend and I value her opinion on many things. Granted, when I was young, I thought she didn't know anything. Gossshhhh Mommmm!!

As you grow older, you begin to realize that this woman has loved you through it all, and surprisingly she actually does know a lot. My mother has been my rock in many rough storms.

I'm also thankful for the mother I will be gaining through my marriage to Hunter. A, as we will call her for the sake of anonymity, has been a huge part of my life the last 3 years.

I love how she and I can gang up on Hunter and he's just hopeless - ha! We have had some deep conversations and moments of truth. I am forever blessed to call her a friend and mother.

To both of my sweet momma's:
  • Thank you for loving my hard-headed self.
  • Thank you, A and Mr. A, for raising the man of my dreams.
  • Thank you both for helping us plan this wedding and providing outlets for me to talk to you about, rather than boring Hunter with the moot details.
  • Thank you for holding my hand during some of my hardest times, and allowing me to hold your hand during some of your hardest times.
  • Thank you for encouraging Hunter and I to go against the grain of society and embrace a Christian marriage.
  • Thank you for setting examples to live by.
  • Thank you for giving me the peace of mind knowing that mine and Hunter's children will forever have the greatest grandparents. I cannot WAIT to see their relationships develop with ya'll throughout their lives.
  • Thank you for being the best momma's in the world.


  1. this is so sweet! best mother's day post yet!

  2. These Mommas are blessed to have you as such a sweet daughter :)

  3. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul!! Happy Monday sweets!!

  4. This is so sweet. You have one special momma, that's for sure. And what a blessing that you have such a great relationship with your soon to be mother-in-law... I do as well and it's like an added bonus to getting married! ;)

  5. Mother's and mother in laws are wonderful! Where would we be without them?

  6. awww sweet post. lucky girl to have two amazing moms!