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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Wedding: DIY Centerpieces

For our wedding, the theme we're going with is rustic and southern. Not honey boo-boo southern...

{courtesy of Pinterest}
Now, no judgement to the honey boo boo lifestyle. Ya'll, I've got family like this so I can completely and totally relate, and understand, that lifestyle.

But we're going for a more classic, old-fashioned southern...

{all pictures courtesy of Pinterest}
Part of this theme includes our centerpieces, which I will be doing myself. Our centerpieces for each table will consist of the following:
  • mason jars with burlap and lace wrapped around the middle, with sunflowers and white gerbera daisies in them
  • twine wine bottles (possible flowers in them-probably not)
  • a verse from 1 Corinthians 13 on small pieces of wood (each table will have a different verse/line) - see example below 
I'm so excited about these little details! The tobacco barn where our reception is being held already has tons of vintage, southern doodads all over so I will be utilizing those as decorations. In all honesty, the tables are the only things I will need to decorate - thank goodness!!
I'm thinking something like this for the chairs... What do ya'll think??
Okay, I'm done hounding ya'll with wedding stuff... For this week! Check back next week for more! Ya'll are my sounding boards, ok? Thanks ahead of time!
If you're feeling brave, you can certainly check out my Pinterest board to see what else I have in mind. Of course, I'll be tweeting and instagramming (is that a word??) each step of this exciting journey as well :)
Don't forget...

Left to Right:

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  1. I love everything about this!!! I got married pre-Pinterest and I totes need a do-over!! I love mason jar anything. So cute girl!

  2. I LOVE IT ALL!!! So beautiful and simple and elegant. Perfection.

  3. Those wedding pins are amazing. I am so upset pinterest was not around when I got married. It's not fair. I tell my hubby all the time I should bet a new wedding so I can use my pins, ha