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Thursday, May 22, 2014


I usually don't partake in the different days of the week hashtag craze that usually take place on some form of social media. Not that I don't like it - I usually just forget to even do it!

Not today kids. Not today.

Today, I give to you... drum roll please... 

And no, that's not me super dark chillin' on the beach with that hot bathing suit. That would be my little sister and cousin. Payback, honey. But aren't they so dang cute?!
This Throwback Thursday, I am blessing ya'lls eyes with a series of pictures. Please enjoy!

This was mine and Hunter's first kayaking trip.

My sister and Manny

My future sister-in-law and I striking a pose

Graduation day from FSU with the 'rents

Can we just talk about how adorable he is?!

The couple that cooks together, stays together.

Duh, this is just awesome.

My trip to Honduras last summer. Fun fact: My wedding flowers are sunflowers because they remind me of the beautiful sunflower gardens in Honduras.

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  1. These pix make my heart happy! The pic of your man holding his deer just kills me- I don't think I know anyone who hunts?? Love it (:

  2. I always forget the has tag craze too until its too late and I wanted to participate, ha. I really like your idea of the throw back thursdays in a blog post. I may have to steal your idea and do it next Thursday on mine as care?!
    I love all your pictures and the comment about no thats not me really tan cracked me up.

  3. LOVE THESE!! I always forget about #tbt. You have inspired me to do some digging through photos!
    Have a great day sweets!