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Friday, June 27, 2014

Birthday Celebrations + H54F

Happy Friday my people's! It has been a busy and wonderful week - like always. Let's see what's been happening this week but first.......

I want to wish this sassy lady the happiest of happy birthdays!!

Ashley, may your day be filled with Starbucks coffee, lots of blog pageviews, and many kisses from your fur babies. Love you sweet girl!
Okay, where was I? Oh yes!
ONE: Hunter and I attended the play, Peter Pan, last night in Quincy. It was performed by many talented kids and teenagers, and was just absolutely adorable! A few of our youth kids were in the play so it was so much fun to see their God-given talents. And the theatre where it was performed in has quite some history behind it. Some even say it's haunted... I wouldn't doubt it!
TWO: We also went suit shopping this week. That was quite the adventure, but we're still on the hunt for a suit for the wedding!
THREE: This weekly wrap-up seems to be centered around the wedding... Oops! Also this week, Hunter and I met with a caterer that we absolutely adore and love! I'll be talking more about that next week, but we're so glad to fnally have that last big detail behind us.
FOUR: Taking the opposite spectrum here, Hunter and I have some fun things planned this weekend. Hunter will be building a ramp for a sweet man on Saturday, who unfortunately lost both of his legs. Love my man! I'll be spending the day cleaning house, organinzing our bajillion things of wedding decor, and cooking dinner for a sweet friend who just had her 3rd child - yay!
FIVE: Of course, we'll be celebrating the fabulous Ashley's birthday tomorrow! You know there will be lots of glitter, giggles, and pictures taken. #bloggerprobs.
Have a wonderful Friday, and weekend, ya'll!

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  1. Oh my dear KellBells how I love you. Thank you so much girl!

  2. I saw a youth production of Peter Pan last summer and CRIED. I loved it so much more than the movie!! Have a great weekend and can't wait to hear about the caterer!!! This is my guess: the caterer is cooking meat that yall hunt yourselves ? haha (:

  3. first of all- I love that pic of you and Ash!! :) Second of all- for #2- I first read that as you and Hunter went bathing suit shopping together and I thought "Wow. That girl is brave. I couldn't do that." hahahah! Bring on the wedding planning details!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Ashley. And It sounds like you had a very busy week. I can't even imagine how much fun you're having planning your wedding. You got so much done in a week, you go girl. Have a fab weekend.

    --Me And My Mini Me