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Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Friday Friends!

Can ya'll believe it's already June?? Much less the first Friday in June?? 

Daylord, the time is flying right past me.

This week was a pretty busy week in the Welborn household. True, I'm not married yet but I've already picked up lots of monogrammed W's so just roll with it people.

ONE: Monday, I was back at work and so happy about it too! No sarcasm, honestly #lovemyjob. I thank the good Lord every day for blessing me with a career that I enjoy, being able to learn something new each day, and thoroughly love the people I work with.

TWO: I was lucky enough to have dinner with one of my sweet friends. Catching up on life, laughing about the past, and planning for the future are always so much fun. Can I get a hey hey hey for my girl who got a promotion at her job to a manager's position?! Way to go Kate!

THREE: Wednesday night was youth night, as usual, but we had our meeting for our upcoming MFUGE trip. I cannot wait to be traveling with all my youth kids to North Carolina! I know, I know... Ya'll are giving me that look of, "My gosh, you actually like hanging out with teenagers??" In response, I absolutely do! You were a weird teenager once, weren't you?

FOUR: Yesterday, if you missed it, kicked off the first week of a weekly link-up that honors Throwback Thursdays. It was so much fun and there were some great posts and pics out - Thank you to all who participated! If you missed it, be sure to tune in next Thursday for another #tbt.

FIVE: This month marks 3 years Hunter and I have been together. 3 years the poor guy has put up with my looniness... Heck, he's marrying the looney bird. What's that saying? Birds of feather flock together? Yep, he must be looney too!

Because I'll be in North Carolina for the youth mission trip, we decided to celebrate it a little early.

Ladies, tonight after work, he's taking me out for a picnic to watch the sunset on a country road in the bed of his truck. No, we're not doing the hanky panky (we believe in waiting until you're married, kids), and no I'm not worried about bugs, dirt, or crazed ax men that could mysteriously kill us. Some of you may be thinking, "Uh wow. That is so not cool!" And that's your opinion. But I am a southern woman that loves being outdoors. Simple is my middle name (duh, have ya'll not seen the centerpieces for our reception??).

I cannot wait for this date! And for the many more that will come each year we are together, until death do we part.

SIX: Because I'm feeling spunky, I wanted to share an exciting tidbit in the wedding planning process. Tomorrow we're going shopping for a wedding ring for Hunter and registering. I cannot wait!!
Uhm, totes realized the other day that we're just a little over 4 months out from the big day. OH EMMM GEEEE!!!
Did ya'll have a wonderful week? Any exciting plans for the weekend? Feel free to comment and share!
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  1. Wow it sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned ahead! I think a picnic sounds like such a blast!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! And that date sounds absolutely perfect in my opinion!!!
    OK you are coming to NC????!!!!! Where will you be and how long?

  3. happy anniversary! What a happy post!! Don't get eaten by bugs or shot by someone hunting (that's what city people like me think of). Also- some people will just never understand our love for teens! I just love the awkwardness and seeing them come out of their shells and do amazing things- have so much fun on the mission trip! AND tell us everything about registering...haven't even thought about that yet haha

  4. I found your blog through the Southern Gals Throwback Thursday link up! Cute! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

  5. Oh my gosh, only 4 months!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for you sweets!!
    Happy happy anniversary!! I LOVE country roads in the summer time!

  6. You two are soo cute. That's such a sweet date if you ask me. It's the simple things and the ones that have the most thought behind them that actually mean the most. Happy Friday, Doll.

    --Me And My Mini Me

  7. Happy anniversary, and happy post! :) I hope you enjoyed registering - and picking out a ring!!

  8. Happy anniversary and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 4 months is just around the corner and I can imagine the excitement! :)