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Thursday, July 24, 2014

3 Southern Gals Link-Up: Our "Wedding Room"

As Hunter and I are getting closer and closer to our big day, it's always fun looking back at the pictures of our planning process. For example, with all of the wedding decorations coming together more and more, Hunter and I designated a room in our house to be the "wedding room."

Ladies, I did my absolute best to organize this room to be able to hold all of our decorations that we have been collecting over the last several months. Please feast your eyes on the goodies.

Recognize these?

It's a hot mess, and this isn't all of it. Some of our decorations are currently housed at my mother's house. As I look at these decorations though, they remind me of the day Hunter proposed and how unbelievably excited I was, and gives us so much hope of the coming days.

If you would like to join in on today's link-up, you can through here.


  1. Yep that does it! Cat and I are crashing your wedding. We are going to need the date, time and location though...does it count when you give that stuff to us as a crash or as an invite. Hehe! Looks great!

  2. Oh my gosh that gives me flashbacks of a year ago for me! Your decor is going to be awesome! I have some extra burlap somewhere if you want it. Is that a big monogram frame thing?? I want one! Where'd you get it?

  3. aww love this! I know this is what my house will look like soon too (:

  4. I love that you have a whole room for your wedding stuff. Haha! And I love those mason jars with the burlap ribbon around them! Your wedding is going to be sooo cute!

  5. haha- I love that you have an actual wedding room! (And I see how helpful this is for you!) Super fun to get a little glimpse at some of the details!!!!!!

  6. Your wedding room is WAY more organized than mine was. We just threw all our stuff into a corner of the spare bedroom and it was such a mess. About a week before the wedding, I organized it and put everything in tubs so it'd be easier to grab and go the day before and day of.