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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Moving Day

Yesterday started off like any ole day - woke up, went to work, got my usual coffee in (that's a must), read a few blogs. However, I left at noon yesterday to go to my house to start the packing and moving process.

If you recall from Friday's post, this move is happening kind of quick. So quick in fact that we need to be out by Thursday night/Friday morning.

Oh bless me.

But with the good help of my friend Kate and her many boxes, I was able to knock out quite a bit yesterday. I am taking off of work today though to finish up as much as I can before I can get the help of this good lookin' man to lift all of those boxes and heavier pieces of furniture.

With that being said, if you're reading this at any point in the day (even as early as 7:30am EST), I will be busy lifting, grunting, probably swearing - but trying not to, and praying to God that I can complete all of this today. Here's a small photo dump of yesterday's packing and moving...

Lining up things to store away

The few items being used to make our room feel like home

Hunting stuff + hard hat + Fred the deer

More storage stuff - thanks Kate for the boxes!

You can't tell but the entire back is loaded down, plus the front seat. Oh hey Fred!

Honestly, my only wish for today is that I could just wiggle my nose and everything would pack itself nicely, load itself into the car, and unload itself all neat and pretty in the storage area. I can dream right??
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  1. love this!!! I get so excited hearing about other people moving- it's so exciting. (And I'm that sick person who actually likes moving things... something about moving them out and into a new place, decorating, etc that I LOVE!) I will say a little prayer for you, lady, that you get it all done! :)

  2. I will be thinking of you the next couple of days as you move! I know moving is definitely a pain, at first, but I love that feeling when everything is moved and things start to settle. It's a cozy feeling. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and Hunter, and Fred! :-)

  3. Oh how horrible packing and moving is...but such fun unpacking to a new place. But don't stress you will get it all packed in time!

  4. I have to say that for moving things are looking pretty neat! My house would be trashed! Hope it goes smoothly for you. Excited for you with all that lies ahead!

  5. Packing is never fun. I hope the process is quick for you and that it goes over quite easily!

  6. I hope moving day has gone well. I HATE moving. Sometimes I imagine in hell that's all that happens 24/7 is packing and moving. It sounds terrifying. I told my husband the last time we moved that we weren't allowed to move again. But then he told me we aren't allowed to live in the apartment when live in until we are in our 80s. So I guess I'll be moving again one day.

  7. Omg how exciting! Even though moving is extremely stressful and hardwork, it's nice to start a new chapter. I hope it all goes well hun.

    --Me And My Mini Me