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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Embracing Life

Can we just talk about this for a sec?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this pic in the wee hours of this morning. My sweet sister-in-law-to-be sent me an excited text announcing the passing of her driver's license test and she is officially driving herself to school for the first time ever this morning.

A part of my soul died.

Totes kidding, but seriously. I had a minor panic attack because I thought, "Oh God, I'm getting old!!" My sister will be turning 16 in just a few short, short, short weeks. I still look at these girls like they're babies. I even look at my 23 year old brother and (almost) 21 year old brother like they're still 7 and 5 years old.

Where was I going with this?? Oh yes, embracing life.

With all of these changes coming up together pretty soon, such as two of our girls will become drivers, my youngest brother will become legal to drink, and I will be getting married, it just made me stop and think, "Dang, life sure is moving!" They say that change is hard for us humans. We don't tend to accept change well sometimes, and can even try to buck that change.

I decided I'm going to be the weirdo and embrace it. I'm so beyond excited to see these changes happening! I love that my sisters (yes, Hunter's sister is basically mine) are learning how to become responsible citizens of society. I love that my brother can finally feel like he's part of the group of responsible (I would hope) men and women that can have a drink or 2. And I just absolutely love that my new "life" is starting with a man I love more than words can say in just a few very short weeks.

Hunter and I were talking last night about this new chapter in our lives coming up and all that it means to us. Now understand me when I say this - Hunter and I are in this for the long haul. No divorcing because I don't like him anymore, or I irritate the stew out of him. Read my lips words - WE'RE IN THIS FOR LIFE.

With this new chapter in our lives, I'm going to be embracing
  • becoming not just a wife, but a partner for life
  • the mother to his children, some day
  • his biggest fan and supporter in all his dreams and goals
  • the rock and foundation for him to lean on when he is weak
I cannot wait to embrace this life!
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  1. :) Life is moving!!!! I feel this way especially when kids I've babysat for head off to college, or worse- they graduate college and are getting real jobs. (No really, when did I get old?!?!) But I totally agree with you- there's only one thing to do and that's to embrace it! It's way more fun that way!

  2. Great post!!! I love this!! we won't even talk about divorce. All my friends are lawyers and say I am being naive by not getting a prenup thanks!

  3. Change is hard for many of us, and having such an optimistic attitude is amazing! Seriously! It's inspiring! More people should learn to embrace life and roll with the punches (changes). :-)