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Monday, August 11, 2014

#Grateful Heart Monday + Oddities

Good morning world! Thank you Lord for another day in this life. We all  have so so so much to be grateful for - don't we?
  • I'm grateful for job opportunities - Hunter has been afforded the opportunity to travel to Mississippi to count turtles  relocate gopher tortoises.
  • I'm so thankful for my wonderful friendships!
  • Know what else I'm thankful for? Coffee. And big coffee at that. Thank you McDonald's for gifting me with a super-sized coffee this morning because you didn't have what I wanted. Note: I'll be going to the bathroom for days.
  • I'm grateful for my families - both mine and Hunter's!
  • I'm grateful for beards. Yes, beards. Hunter is growing out a beard now and I'm excited to see how it looks. His reason? He wants people to feel more comfortable around him while he's out ministering. It always throws people off (and makes me laugh) when they realize the big dude with a Duck Dynasty beard or tattoos or Jesus-looking hair is actually a pastor/youth leader/Christian/Jesus freak. You don't believe me - find somebody you know with a beard and asked them if they have been "facially profiled." You'd be amazed!
Happy Monday ya'll!

Grateful Heart Monday w/ Ember Grey


  1. facially profiled- hahaha!! I suppose that is true!! My brother is that way- sleeve/tattoos, huge beard, and he's 28. I always tell him he looks like a young old man! :) I love the beard- can't wait to see Hunter's (and hear your thoughts)! Enjoy that coffee, girl! I'm on my way to get one myself!

  2. (Stopping by from the Grateful Heart link-up) Your comment about being facially profiled made me laugh so hard! It's true, I think a lot of people assume something when someone has a big ol' beard, tattoos, etc. But it really means nothing in the big picture... just a style sense! Hope you like the look of your hubby's new beard :)

  3. Hahaha facially profiled, hilarious! My husband grows a beard every now and again and it just changes his look SO MUCH. He usually gets comments at work when he grows it lol.

  4. Hahaha I love your beard story! I love my husband's beard. I wouldn't know him without it!

  5. beards YES! Harrison has had a beard since I've known him and we always joke about what would happen if "Baby Face" came back!

  6. I had to laugh at the beard fact! and coffee, yes all the coffee in the world!

  7. You make me laugh....facially profiled?! Going to the bathroom for days?! Thanks for the cheer.

  8. My husband usually has a beard. Every once and while he shaves it off and it's very confusing to see his face! And coffee...I'm always thankful for coffee!

  9. "facially profiled"...LOVE LOVE IT!!

  10. You are always so grateful, I love it. You bring so much joy to people. Have a fab week

    --Me And My Mini Me