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Monday, August 18, 2014

#Grateful Heart + True Colors

Image MapMy oh my it was quite the busy weekend for us! Between dress shopping, spending time with friends, and engagement pictures... I'm beat! But it was a fabulous weekend nonetheless.

I'll have a recap later on in the week about the whole dress shopping experience for my bridesmaids (read: sister and future SIL) along with the glamorous pictures that are great for blackmail sharing the experience with ya'll.

Today though, I want to focus on the aspect of "true colors."

Now don't wince and automatically assume I'm bringing something negative to the table. True colors can be beautiful or ugly; pretty or dark; nice or mean. True colors can be the simple surprise of a good deed that somebody does for you, when you least expect it. True colors can be the hurtful words imposed on you and your beliefs, when you least expect it.

See the common theme there? When you least expect it?

I'm always so grateful when a person's true colors come out, whether they're good or bad. I love discovering somebody's ulterior motives because that always speaks volumes to me. Even if it's something that hurts me, in the end, I'll know what they were thinking. Or feeling. Or their ulterior motives.

My bit of advice for all you lovelies out there because I've had my fair share of true colors revealed to me throughout my life, especially in the last 2 years:

Embrace it.

That was so hard for me to figure out at first. But as I began to realize, it's important for me to embrace their true colors because that's part of who they are. Whether I agree with it, is up to me. But I can embrace and be respectful of one's true colors.
So today, join me in being grateful for everybody's true colors. You may be amazed at what you'll discover!

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  1. What great post! Seeing someone's true colors can be good or bad but it's most definitely worth seeing them. Live and learn and move forward!

  2. You can learn a lot about a person through observing them and watching what comes out. Sometimes it is pleasant other times it isn't but it is nice to see the real person. I learn a lot from just observing and enjoying.

  3. Agreed! The hard part is when it takes a really long time for someone's true colors to show... almost like you have to be put in a tough situation with that person to really see how they react/act. But you're right- no matter when or what they're true colors are, it's a good thing. No more beating around the bush!

  4. SO TRUE! Love the advice to embrace it. It's a part of who they are, and I have my own colors that come out sometimes too (:

  5. Wow, such a truth there and yet so hard to accept! Accepting someone as who they are, when it's not a positive, is so contrary to my nature. I just WANT to believe that everyone is good inside and means well. And yet I've seen soooo many cases where this is not the truth - but I cling to my desire for them to be 'misunderstood' and continue to tell myself that their 'true colors' will come out once they're not afraid / upset / angry / whatever. This has burned me a good few times. Your advice to embrace it would have saved me some singed feelings...!

  6. I love what you said about true colors and you're SO right! Good or bad, it's nice when you can recognize someone for who/what they really are.

  7. I NEEDED this post!! I too have seen some true colors..some pretty others not so much!! Oh and I can't wait to see all the pictures!!! you know I love me some pictures :)

  8. Such a good lesson! Mmm mm mm! It's hard for me to just let it go and embrace it when someone hurts me or let's me down. It's happened to me a lot in the last 2 years as well. Love yoru attitude about it!

    And I can't wait to hear more about last weekend!! Were the engagement photos fun to take??