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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pardon the Interruption...

Hey friends! Today is usually the day for our 3 Southern Girls Throwback Thursday Link-Up, but today we're going to deviate away from that link-up to just focus on the here and now. Our sweet friend, Cat, is having some family emergencies so we're busy praying and thinking of her right now. 

What's been going on in ya'lls lives?? I feel like I've been running 90 miles a minute between work, wedding planning, sending out those invitations (eeeek!), helping Hunter get settled into a routine with his first week of school, trying to figure out when the heck we're going to chop Jep's balls off
neuter him..... I'm telling ya, I'm a mess.

So to keep it simple today, and to probably alarm ya'll, I'm going to just share what all has been going on with me and my crazy self:
  • Wedding invitations went out in a huge bulk on Tuesday! I have a few more that are being put together and sent out.
  • Hunter has had an awesome first week of classes! He likes his professors and they seem like a good fit for Hunter's schedule. Plus, major kudos points to his professors for being understanding of the wedding and the time Hunter will be taking off to travel.
  • Okay, ya'll don't laugh. But the weather here (in the mornings at least) has been glorious!! The last few days have been in the high 60's, low 70's, and I'm just swooning. Bring out da pumpkins!!
  • Speaking of pumpkins, I have to stay out of Hobby Lobby. They have some of the cutest Fall decorations and I want dem all. All of dem!!
  • I need to take more pictures. This blog post is "nekked" (naked for all you folks that don't speak southern twang...)
  • I got hit on by the Dunkin Donuts fella this morning. Thanks bub for calling me darling and trying to stare down my dress in the drive-thru line. Trust me, I got mosquito bites for a chest so ya ain't gettin' none. (read: major creeper)
  • Have ya'll had the Oreo donut from Dunkin Donuts?! Hello sugar high!
  • Ya'll, we've got a long weekend coming up and I could literally pee my pants from excitement. Huntman (Hunter - it's his nickname) and I will be spending some time cleaning out the good ole huntin' blinds.
  • I think my southern accent is coming out through my writing.....
  • I'm not really sure what's been going on, but the clock is seriously spinning at wicked speed lightning in the mornings. I'm serious, I've been getting up earlier to try and keep up with the clock and I'm still struggling to get into work on time. #wth
That's all I'm going to bombard ya'll with for now. Trust me, there's more jumbledness where that all came from. Ya'll are the bestest for hanging with me!
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  1. So many things I love about this post- and glad I'm not alone in the morning clock going insane??!??! I've been late every day this week!

    Have a great long weekend!!

    PS what are huntin blinds?

  2. My prayers are with your friend and my goodness lady you are one busy woman.

    --Me And My Mini Me

  3. Is it wrong that I read this with a Southern accent in my head?

  4. I have to stay out of Hobby Lobby too! I think it's my happy place along with Target :)