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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Day Has Come

::drum roll::

The day has finally arrived.

I can hardly believe it.

::drum roll::

Today is the day.... Jep is getting fixed!!!!

Our little wild, 10-month old, escapee-from-the-pen is being neutered today. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing this blessed day upon us. Let's knock some of that testosterone outta that kid.

In other news...
+ We found Hunter a suit! Once it comes in and he can try it on for altering, I shall share some pitchas.
+ I bought an adorable bird cage from Hobby Lobby yesterday. It's for the wedding, duh.
+ We're starting to get RSVP's back from sending out wedding invites... I literally squeal every time and share with Hunter who all is coming.
+ Muscadine grapes are in... and I'm in heaven. Totally makes me think of this song every time...
You ever been to
Rome Georgia
Picked peaches off the trees
Climbed the water tower in Paris Tennessee
Been to Florence Alabama
Drank muscadine wine
Just give me a chance to change your mind
So before you go and fly away girl
Let me show you 'round a country boy's world

+ My dress is pretty much ready to go (just putting on some last minute buttons) and it is exactly how I envisioned!!

+ Hunter sent this to me the other day to cheer me up...
Be still my heart

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  1. Woo hoo for less testosterone in your pup!! Hahaha! Hope all goes well for him.
    What a thoughtful hubby to be you have!!
    Have a great day sweetheart!

  2. Everything is so exciting (including Jep's adventure!!). Eeeee!! Can't wait to see the suit and your dressss!!!!

  3. I am so glad that your dress is perfect!!!! Cannot wait to see photos :) And whoo good luck to Jep lol