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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Some tidbits

Last week, Rebecca with The Adventures of Bug and Boo tagged me for some random bits of information to share with ya'll. I love sharing (and hearing) all about the different things that makes each one of us unique. So here it goes!
one: I'm 26 years old and the oldest of 4 kids: my 2 biological brothers and then my adopted sister. If ya'll check back in here on Friday, I'll have all things blackmail loving about my sweet sister who is turning 16!
look at that sass!
two: Never have I ever... smoked a cigarette or done any form of drugs. Call me miss goody goody but that stuff just never appealed to me. Plus, I had to grow up very young and knew I had A LOT to lose if I decided to test the legal limits.
three: I actually cannot stand people who claim to be holy-art-thou Christians. Hear me out... From my experience, those type of folks are typically the most judgmental, hateful, hypocritical, and just downright not living the example they should. It's like I've said to some of these folks (yes, to their face), no wonder people hate Christians! I love the people who claim to be broken, sinners, and human, yet they rely on a God much greater and stronger than they ever will be. Long story short: be transparent people.
four: In the summer months, I love love an ice cold beer. In the winter months, jack and coke are my good friends.
five: I realized the other day all the new and different things I have tried since I started dating my adorable redneck:
  • deer meat
  • gizzards
  • liver
  • Vienna sausages (I'm sorry, that's just straight cat food)
  • wild hog
  • shooting a gun
  • hunting (and actually liking it)
  • not worrying what others think about you.
six: Very rarely will you ever see me drink hot coffee. If I order hot coffee, a lot of times I will let it just sit and get to room temperature. I'm weird, I know.
seven: Hunter and I both very much want to be parents someday. Both to our own biological children and to adopted children. If we aren't able to conceive, ain't nothin but a thang. We'll just adopt all of our children. Once our kids are grown and the majority of them out of the house, I would love to be foster parents.
eight: I am exactly 17 days away from marrying my absolute best friend. 

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  1. This was fun to read! Look at Sassy Kelly!! I so agree with #3, we are in a Bible study right now and just last night I was reading about Jesus calling people out for judging others when they were committing sin by doing things without love. Good to think about!

  2. 17 days!!! Wooohoo! I'd much rather drink ice coffee than hot coffee as well. Usually it has to be REALLY cold outside if I'm going to even think about hot coffee.

  3. I let my coffee cool quite a bit too! My husband can pour it and drink it immediately, but I can't! So excited for you and Hunter to start your married life together. Being married is challenging at times, but it truly is a blessing! It is a wonderful, rewarding relationship if you treat it with care. I've only been married 3 years and still have a lot to learn, but it has been a wonderful 3 years! :)

  4. I LOVE never have I evers!! ;) I'm so glad you did this, I love to read these!
    I am exactly the same with coffee - and often I miss the 'right' temp by letting it sit too long haha.
    SIXTEEN days today, wahoo!!

  5. I adore you, Kelly. I really do. I love how transparent YOU are on here. Also, I want to go "cocktailing" with you at some point in our lives! :)