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Monday, August 31, 2015


As Hunter and I were driving home yesterday from doing our youth's community service project, we both agreed that this past weekend was a ministry filled weekend.
And we loved it!
Even though we were on the constant go almost all weekend, it was still so fulfilling to be a part of some great things. It was also so nice seeing my hubby's heart at such peace - ministry is his calling afterall!
I'm so grateful for the moments this weekend - from spending time with amazing friends on Friday night to set the stage up for a night of worship on Saturday night, to the actual time spent in worship, and finally to the community service project that our youth did.
One of the things we've started teaching our youth is how to give back to their community without expecting anything in return. Thus, the idea of a free snow-cone giveaway came about. We loaded up the van + Hunter's truck + all the essentials and headed into the community just a few blocks down from the church. We informed our students at the beginning to not get discouraged if nobody from the community shows up, or if they're sketched out by it; they've never had this before so a lot of times it takes a few tries of going and building relationships with them to earn the trust (that's ministry, folks).
Oh how we ate our words. Kids started showing up out of the woodworks! We were blown away by the amount of kids that showed up, and our youth were too. Watching our students interact with people was so humbling. They eagerly went out, door-to-door inviting people to come spend time with us and get a free snow-cone. One of our girls said to me, "I had no idea this many kids were around here, and would even show up!" Yes my little grasshopper, you never know what's outside of those church walls until you actually step out and serve.

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  1. Until you STEP OUT AND SERVE, amen!! I love these stories you share, thank you!

  2. I feel like your wisdom is beyond your years, Kelly - you must be such an inspiration to those kids!! :)

  3. That is so awesome! Love that you're teaching the kids that :) Love love love!

  4. I love that these kids have you to look up to! So much wisdom, girl. xoxo