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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor{less} Day

Happy Monday (Tuesday)! If I keep telling myself that it's Monday then when Friday actually rolls around, I'll be all like, "Oh it's only Thursday..." and you lovely folks will say, "No Kelly. It's Friday!" And it'll be like Christmas came early. Mind games, people.
I sure hope many of ya'll were able to enjoy the 3-day weekend like we did. We spent time with friends, celebrated birthday's, and stayed in our pj's until we had to absolutely leave the house. Having that opportunity to just be, was glorious.

It's those moments of just being that I'm so grateful for. Just being in the moment, being with people I love. These don't get to happen too often so I tend to hold tight to them and allow them to linger just a bit longer. It makes getting up and coming back into work on rainy day just that much easier.

Happy {Monday} folks!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. Such a perfect weekend. The best kind!! Hope the rest of your week is refreshing.

  2. aww :) Love it. And I totally agree with your mind games thing.... I'm hoping for the same, haha!!