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Monday, October 12, 2015

Gratefulness + Moments

As we were driving home last night from my sister's birthday dinner, I was hit with the fact that it was already the end of the weekend. Onto another week!
I'm so grateful for all the moments we had this weekend, big and little...
+ Friday night football games at Hunter's old high school. Being able to see so many different people that we haven't seen so long does the soul some good.
+ Pumpkin picking and spending time with friends to start your day off just right is the ticket to happiness my friends. Now we've just got to carve our pumpkin. What to do...
Gotta love guys who go along with your shenanigans
+ Girl time with my mom and MIL over a home cooked meal and laughing at all things goofy. Guys, I'm really really lucky to have an awesome MIL and momma. And what's even better? That our families like to hang out with each other. So while my dad, FIL, and Hunter were hunting (read: watching nature), us gals got to do life together.
+ Being a part of 150 years with a little ole country church. Our church had a wonderful homecoming with many folks and lots of yummy food. Another huge thank you to my SIL for helping us with kids church.
+ Sunday afternoon naps just because we can. Pups included.
+ Birthday dinners for a fabulous chica!

Miss chatty Cathy

Happy Monday folks! I truly hope each of you had something wonderful happen this weekend. Just the mere fact that you're awake today and moving is a triumph to be celebrated. Embrace the day, ya'll!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


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  1. Gosh I miss Friday Night Football! Fun! And my FB feed was covered in pumpkin patches this weekend...yours included! I loved it!!! I need to find one now :)

  2. Yay for pumpkin patch fun with friends! :) We did the same thing this weekend. That's so awesome that your families are friends too- what a blessing!

  3. loved your peek into your weekend! pumpkin picking is on my list this weekend!

  4. That's so awesome that your families get along so well! Glad you had a great fall weekend together!

  5. So happy! All of this! Yay for all these things!