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Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy birthday, ChaSha!

Even though my sister's birthday is technically tomorrow, I think any upcoming 17 year old deserves an early birthday shout out. Especially if she's the baby of the family because duh, she's the baby.

Guys, it's my sister's 17th birthday tomorrow. 17 YEARS OLD. Like, what the what? What happened to the little runt that liked to run around sans clothes? What happened to the little feisty tiger who could wrestle with her older brothers? Just kidding, she's still feisty and my money's on her any day during a wrestling match.

Erin, ChaSha, Shaylee, Ernie, turd - happiest of birthday's to you. Because of you, I'm a better sister. Because of you, I have a huge passion for adoption. Because of you, I have an awesome closet full of clothes (uh, hello hand-me-ups). Because of you, our world is so much brighter and funnier (is that a word?) and fabulous. Love you and I hope you have the best birthday ever!

Don't mind me while I go and sob in a corner over the fact that I'm getting old. Happy Friday friends!

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