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Monday, November 2, 2015

Gratefulness + Skipping

Have you ever had those weekends where you come to work on Monday to rest from your weekend? That is definitely happening right now *cue Hawaiian breeze*. Just kidding, I would love to be in Hawaii but nevertheless, I'm here and exhausted.
I'm so so sooo grateful, though, for those Sunday's that I can skip church and play catch-up all day long. I know right, gasp! The youth pastor's wife skips church?! The horror! I like to call it bedside Baptist - God knows my heart and He also knows how dirty my house was. Cleanliness is godliness folks. Ha!
Take me back to Disney Springs and that relaxing night
But in all seriousness, it was so needed to be able to clean my house, get some grocery shopping done, enjoy lunch with my parents... Just slow down and do life. Hunter did join us later and we spent the rest of the day just being. Thank you, God, for Sunday's like those!
Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend! I'm over the whole "time-slow-down" thing because uhm hello, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. Ha yes!!! Crazy when Mondays are 'rest' days!! Hope you have a great week

  2. I believe it is totally okay with God to take a day off. Besides, taking a Sunday off from churchh is just that, taking it off of church duties, not God HImself. We need to refresh, regroup and recharge. From ember grey

  3. I've realized lately that I'm not good at resting. Even when I'm sitting still or it looks like I'm resting, my mind is still racing. I don't feel rested often so I'm trying to figure out to achieve that. I'm not as "busy" as I used to be so it must be all in my head.

  4. Those are the best weekends!! So glad you're able to skip church when you need to and minister to yourself...that's just being a healthy pastor's wife! It's called self care! :) I wish my mom had done more of that growing up.