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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas in nutshell {for me}

I'm not entirely sure if it's the oncoming joyous holiday that's soon to be here at our doorsteps, or the devastation that surrounds us daily in the world, or even the ridiculous controversial red cup, but it has become painfully apparent that Christmas is no longer CHRISTmas. Consumerism America has certainly taken over with bright colors, "look-at-me" decorations, and lofty snowmen full of promises.
Don't get me wrong - I do love a good snowman and wish we could build one. And I surely love to decorate my home.
But what I'm noticing is the once-Christian-oriented holiday has now become battle grounds for people to spew their hateful and, many times, uneducated ideals towards their "opponents". Christians are busy abashing non-believers to stop trying to make this holiday what's it not about and to not "forget the reason for the season". Non-believers are frustrated with Christians' stereotypical, judgmental attitudes. And it just goes on, and on, and on....
I want to use this blog as a platform to call out my fellow "Christians" - stop engaging in arguments. Stop belittling those around you because they don't quite understand the truth behind the reason for Christmas. Stop loudly proclaiming on your social media that you "have had it and you're going to tell that fool MERRY CHRISTMAS rather than happy holidays". Just, stop it. You're making yourself look like the fool and honestly, is that what Jesus would do?
To my fellow Christ-followers - did you notice that Jesus never once paraded around pompously declaring His ways were the right ways and those not believing in His ways are just pure idiots? The answer is no, in case your bible knowledge is a bit dusty. Instead, Jesus lovingly showed others how He loves, how He lives, and how His heart breaks for those that reject Him. He didn't engage in verbal warfare just to prove His point. He allowed those around Him to see the Truth through His gentle, peaceful gestures and examples.
Stop spewing hatred and condemnation to those around you, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Instead, be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus through loving on others, despite how much they despise you. It really is hard for somebody to hate a kind person, as much as they may try. Rather than obnoxiously proclaim your Merry Christmas into the faces of all those that won't listen, try speaking with Truth and Love, and really get to know those around you. You'll be surprised in what you will discover in others.

Let's embrace this Christmas with hearts full of love not only for our brothers and sisters in Christ, but for those who just don't get the big deal about a kid in a manger. Because by being loving, you can attract so many more flies with honey. Merry Christmas my friends!

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  1. Well said, my friend! It's sad how much negativity there is, even at this time of year. I aim to be Christ-like in all I do or say! Thank you for such an uplifting reminder :)