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Monday, January 18, 2016

Coffee date + Learning to EMBRACE

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced ya'll to my word of the year: EMBRACE. I felt like change was on the horizons. I didn't know what it looked like, when it would come, how it would feel. Because of some recent changes in our lives, I felt a coffee date was just the ticket to catch up and share these moments...

+ If we were on a coffee date... I would first give you the biggest hug (because I'm a hugger and all about invading that personal space) and ask you how you are. How's work/school/family? Tell me what's been happening in your life. I feel like the world tends to be pretty self-centered so I'm trying to change that outlook. Ha!

+ If we were on a coffee date... I would share with you my struggles lately in my spiritual walk with God. I know we all have seasons. But my season has drug on for some time now. And it's depressing, frustrating, and lonely. I would also share with you that I am actively working with God in trying to pull me out of this season, and thanks to friends such as you, I'm inspired to be more positive about it.

+ If we were on a coffee date... We'd probably laugh at all things goofy going on in our lives because honestly, I'm always up for a good dosage of laughter. Plus, it's in my nature to be quippy and giggly before I get to the serious stuff.

+ If we were on a coffee date... I would share with you that Hunter and I have recently stepped down from our youth leadership positions. This is something we had both been struggling with separately, and it wasn't until we came together to talk and pray fervently about it, that we realized God was calling us to step down. I might have some tears in my eyes because my soul is at such peace with this decision. I've never felt more peace in my life over a decision that wasn't an easy one to make. But we know God is sovereign, He is good, and He will lead us. All this means is we'll just be a part of our teenagers lives in a different way - which might be better!

+ If we were on a coffee date... I would strongly urge you to find ways to fill your spiritual well daily. Because when you consistently pour into others (which can be rewarding!) but don't take time to pour into yourself, you become dry and empty. And then those that you're trying to pour into are at a disadvantage. Trust me.

I would end this coffee date with another hug and promises that ensure another date of some kind. My thank you's would be full and heartfelt - thank you for listening to my weary words; thank you for not trying to rudely pry into our personal lives in regards to our recent change (there are those folks that are going to do this), and allowing me to share what I feel is necessary. As a wise friend once said - not everybody is privy to all the details of your life. Thank you for being the friend I needed.

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  1. Man, spiritual walks are a CHALLENGE. I feel you on this. Trying to figure it all out and be the best we can be. Loving the lord, loving the life he gave us and growing closer and closer to him. Its hard, but he doesn't expect perfection! I'm right there with ya girl!

  2. Love how raw and honest you are, Kelly! It's huge that you're actively working with God to come out of the season. You know that I'm praying for you as well. Sounds like you're at least chatting with Him since you heard from him about stepping down from leadership. That's huge too and something that a lot of people can't say they do. I'm proud of you!