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Monday, January 11, 2016

Gratefulness + Beautiful Chaos

Hellllluuurrr Monday! How ya doin, darling? Good? Great? Me too....
It's hard to believe that the first day of Regular Sessions will be starting in the Florida Legislature tomorrow. Prepare to see and hear very little from me. Ha! I will say though, there is a bit of excitement and anticipation in the air around the office today. Maybe the fact that Franklin Graham will be here tomorrow praying on the steps of the Florida Capitol are also getting those nerves excited.
Anywho, so much to be grateful for on this cool, brisk Monday morning!
+ "Winter" is finally here in Florida. When I say winter, I mean we just bump the freezing temps at night. Pull out your parkas people!
+ This past weekend, we invited our sweet families and dear friends over to cook out and celebrate Hunter's birthday. Whoever said birthdays can only be celebrated one day obviously didn't know the meaning of a good time.
+ A fabulous group of gals at work. Seriously, we're like family and I'm so fortunate and blessed to be able to say that. It makes the long, tough days that much easier!
+ Star Wars because #letsbehonest, I geeked out when we finally went to see it on Friday. Hashtag, all the Star Wars feels...
+ We have a Disciple Now weekend coming up this weekend with our youth and I'm so excited about it! It'll be a great time of worship, small group discussions, and getting to love on each other.
+ I read this really good post the other day and had to share it here. This gal is hilariously crass but loves the Lord with all her heart.
Enjoy your Monday folks! Be sure to stop and smell the coffee today - life's way too short to miss the little things in life.
PS - for being a lover of all things football, I just realized yesterday that the National Championship game is tonight. That's how distracted I am with life. Somebody pray for me ha!
PPS - I just now realized I didn't take a single picture to document anything that happened this weekend... #livinglife.

A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

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  1. Your job is awesome, Kelly :) Same kind of winter here too! And I still need to see Star Wars. Have fun at the DNow!!

  2. It's always nice to have good people to work with. It makes going to work that much easier! Fellow Star Wars geek saying thanks for sharing on the grateful heart linkup!