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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring, alas?

We've had some pretty great afternoons around these parts lately - high's in the lower to mid-70s and just sunshine for days. I'm actually really eager for the warm weather to be here this year (last year I was so, "Eww why God?!").
Hello spring flowers.
Hello afternoons in the park with the pups.
Hello beach.
Aside from the pollen, spring is really a wonderful season. The new life that bursts forth with much vigor and gusto is breathtaking and refreshing. My parents live in a neighborhood off a winding, canopy road and one of my most favorite things to do in the spring is to take that drive out there. Trees are lush and green, draping their branches over the top where bits of sunlight trickle in while you drive. The fresh grass waves in the wind as you drive by.
Downtown Tallahassee the morning after a night of storms - poetic, eh?
Doesn't that sound just fabulous?
It's these sweet, simple snippets of life that always remind me of God's renewing - His everlasting promise that all good things come from Him. He and I have been working some kinks out but I love how springtime serves as His example that all things can be made new again. Even when we feel like all the doors have been shut, and we do the ugliest cry possible and demand that God explain Himself, we are still reminded that He is good, holy, sovereign, just.

Even something as messed up as me can be made new again. What a glorious God we have?!

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