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Monday, March 28, 2016


Happiest of days today! After celebrating the beauty of Easter yesterday with our families, I can't help but to feel refreshed and renewed. And so dang grateful to see some sunlight. It literally rained non-stop from Friday thru yesterday evening. All that rain sure does make the grass and flowers pretty {and the pollen all gone - praise Jesus}.
With the change in weather, I've been bitten by the "project bug". Yep, I literally have a list a mile long of things that I want to accomplish this spring and summer. And lucky for Hunter, all projects pertain to the house... Yayyyy! {I know he's rolling his eyes}
Just to give ya'll an idea of what I've got planned (and to give myself another checklist), here are some of the items on the list of to-do's:
+ Backsplash in our kitchen - we really do use the heck out of our kitchen and it can get pretty messy sometimes. Plus, hellur pretty walls right?
+ Repaint the door frames and front door - just typical wear and tear on those bad boys requires a fresh coat of paint. It also doesn't help that our dogs have decided the back door is a fun chew toy....

+ New blinds for our back door. Again, dogs are the culprit.
+ GARDEN - I'm most excited for this one! I'll plant a couple different types of flowers but my main goal is to plant a couple different easy to grow vegetables. If I can manage to keep them alive, then I'll add more to the garden next year. Start small, less heartache in the end and less money out of the pocket.

+ Creating our back patio area into an oasis. A small oasis, but an oasis nonetheless.
+ Paint the guest bedroom - I'm going to regret this one.
+ Remove satellite dishes - so when we had satellite for tv, they decided to place the dish in the most inconvenient and eye-sorest spot possible. Fun fact if you're looking at switching to satellite: They don't remove what they placed there if you cancel it. Thanks, DirectTV. Since we've done away with cable in general, those bad boys are getting ripped out. 

+ Remove a towel rack in our guest bathroom {replace it with a cuter and more efficient one}, paint a small wall {accent wall} in our guest bathroom.

+ Lay down wood flooring - this is the biggie. We have tile throughout our entire house, with the exception to the bedrooms. Those are carpeted and with dogs, it's just gross. I'm already not a fan of carpet anyways {allergy freak} so dark wood floors are going to be put down. And I will swoon, swoon, swoon.
I've got a few other little things on the list but these items will do for now. Wish us luck! More importantly, pray for the hubs to survive. Ha! I'm sure I'll share in the adventures because maybe, if we're lucky, we'll become famous like Chip and Joanna Gaines. I can dream. Also, anybody want to donate to our fixer-upper adventures?! {Totally kidding, maybe.}

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