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Monday, April 11, 2016

What's new?

This past weekend, I made it a point to totally disengage from social media of all kinds. You name it - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - I was far, far away from those things.
And it was so utterly glorious.
Other than totally disengaging myself from the social media realm, the weekend was spent building my first ever garden, celebrating new life, and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

I decided to start my garden from the seeds. Something about it is so symbolic, to be starting from the ground up. Knowing I will have to nurture these little seeds so regularly, and then having so much joy as I watch the tomatoes and peppers burst forth. I'm also realistic and started small with just 2 plants. If they survive and thrive, then I'll add more.
Hmm I'm thinking some cute artwork is needed for the back drop...

I've been knocking out projects here and there for our little home and it always feels so good (list-maker nerd) to cross those items off the list. Our home is little, but it's ours, and we're so proud of it. We strive to make our home an open and loving space for anybody and everybody.
I just finished a book by Nicholas Sparks, See Me. It was so good and gave me all the feels. I prefer all the books over the movies simply because I can get lost amongst the words.
I love that I notice the crave the soul feels for God's Word when I've been out of it for a day or two. It's like my heart is itching to dive into the words, look at the application in my life, and just meditate on them. It really is like a drug to my starved soul.

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  1. I love unplugging from time to time- it's good for the head and heart I think :) Your little garden sounds awesome- I hope it produces delicious fruits/veggies for you!!