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Monday, May 2, 2016

It is well

Happiest of Monday's and happy May people! Can I just take a sec and talk about how it skipped from somewhat comfortable spring days (read: 3 days of "spring") to oh-my-gawd-I'm-melting hot. Yep, Florida is back in action with its blazing hot days.
We've been busy bees in our lives. This past weekend, we celebrated a sweet friend of ours and all her accomplishments. Ya'll, my gal graduated college, turned another year old, and had a baby all within the last few weeks. She's a rock star!
Sweet friends of ours are tying the knot next year and Hunter and I were proposed to to stand next to them on their big day. We are so honored and humbled by their love and friendship. We can't wait for April next year! #MeetTheSewells
We've been working on lots of house projects - growing a garden (I'm literally dying over the fact that I haven't killed a single thing), making our backyard an oasis, contemplating repainting our living room (don't read that part Hunter), and just really enjoying making our house a home. As I always tell folks, our doors are always open; just knock ;)
God has also been opening and closing doors for us and we're really excited to see where He leads us next. We're starting a new chapter in our book of life and I can't wait to share with ya'll soon (read: no babies). Embrace the joys and wonders of a new day!

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  1. Yay for being in a friend's wedding- that is always such a fun/exciting honor! :) Glad you are having fun with the house projects and the gardening- you go girl!

  2. Love it!! My dad is driving down in a few weeks to help us with our own backyard oasis :) He's a master landscaper (in his free time) and while I'm excited to have his expertise, I'm also terrified of killing everything. haha!

  3. It's been the same here...we skipped straight from winter to summer!