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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


watching// Pretty Little Liars. Ya'll, I'm so not ashamed in how much I love this show.
eating// does drinking a caramel macchiato from Starbucks count? I'm pretty sure the calories are there to prove it.
planning// pay day is today for us so I'm planning {and watching} how our money is being allocated. It's like my dad always says, we're literally just the clearinghouse for bills. We watch the money come in, breathe over it a little bit, then watch it go out just as fast, if not faster. #adultingsucks
making// time to do projects. I'm trying to finish up a dresser I've been working on.
dreaming// of Fall weather. Ya'll, it's too hot for this mess and we have a tropical storm headed our way. Maybe all the rain will bring cooler temps?? One can dream.
loving// my husband so so much. His leadership, kindness, and love are literally what fuel me. Yes, Jesus and coffee fuel me too but Hunter is just what the doctor called for.
I would like to ask for prayers. We are looking to move (our house is going to become rental property/investment) and received some pretty amazing news on a place yesterday. We're trying not to get too excited but still be hopeful in all that God puts before us. So prayers please for peace in our decisions, for our house to be rented pretty quickly, and for lots of coffee to be readily available. Here goes nothing!

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  1. Prayers for your housing situation! I hope all goes well!

    Pay days are like that for us too. I always plan out our budget weeks in advance then pay the bills right on payday. Bye money!

    What kind of work are you doing on the dresser? I'm just getting into some furniture DIY. I'm going to be painting and distressing a small table next week. Eventually, I want to do the same to a dresser and turn it into a TV stand.

  2. Ahhh! I felt so dumb for watching PLL and still think it's a little teeny-bopper but I love it. I watched all I could on Netflix and and now watching the current season on TV with my 17 year old :-p I need to do a Currently post or something. I never have time to write! :-/