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Monday, August 8, 2016

Little moments

Moments that steal the soul and capture the essence of life - those are hard to come by. But when you do, they make you pause and smile, soak up the time that is the present, and store it for a later date to look back on. Moments make the heart grow fonder and the evil less prevalent. They can be big or small but no matter the size, they are perfect.
It's when you open your lunch box and your husband has left you a little note. Those handwritten words make you smile and giggle at his attempts to want to learn a new recipe. It's how he signs his name "HW" with a "Love ya". As a lover of words, little notes like these bring beauty to a new day.
It's when you are sitting and just being in the moment, as you watch a storm roll in. It brings with it flashes of lightning that stretch from sky to ground. And you realize how infinitely small you are in a world that is so vastly huge. The smell of oncoming rain washes away the dirt and grime from all that life throws at you, and the freshness it brings.

It's when you're sitting by the water's edge watching the sun go down after a long day. Knowing that it'll come up again tomorrow, and tomorrow will bring its new set of adventures and obstacles. Tomorrow can hold so much, yet so little. Embracing the here and now moments make tomorrow seem so beyond my reach and that's a good thing.
Soak up your little moments today and every day.

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  1. oh girl, all the feels! This is so, so sweet. Thanks for such a great reminder at the end of a very long week. xo