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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Having {faith}

A couple of weeks ago at my bible study, we were going around our small group (love my T group ladies - hey Jenn, Amber, and Deretha!) and sharing different characteristics or qualities we saw in each other. One of the sweet gals mentioned "faith" when it came to me and it completely struck me as odd because more times than not, I feel like my faith isn't strong.
Throughout these last few weeks, we've been having our house shown for potential renters. Now we're not nasty people by any stretch but it was dang hard work keeping our house tidy and ready to show at the drop of a hat. Add in 2 dogs and it's would be considered an adventure. During those times, I really struggled to have faith that all would work out. Especially after each showing would pass and we wouldn't have an application.
My sweet husband really is perfect for my soul and pride. He continuously kept reminding me to have faith, trust that God is working things out, it'll all be okay. My usual retort was to smile and say okay, all the while I'm running about 500 different scenarios in my head for when things don't work out. It's a flaw, ya'll.
Surprisingly enough, things are working out for our house. Just yesterday we received a great application that passed all the requirements and the folks are planning on moving in in October. Wow - talk about having faith. God knew what He was doing and I fully believe that He was also using this opportunity to teach me a few things. Like how to be patient, trust in His timing, actually believe what I preach (because I'm always telling folks to have faith... Ironic, I know).
So whatever you're going through in this moment, have faith that things truly will work out for the best. Sometimes the best doesn't necessarily look like what you pictured, but it's still the best for you.

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