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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Christmas in a {CUP}

Just this morning I stopped by Starbucks on my way into work and decided to treat myself to a yummy Christmas drink - Grande Crème Brulee Frappuchino. Because who doesn't love Christmas in a cup, filled with lots of sugary goodness?? I have to say, the results of last night's election did make coming into work early, early this morning a tad bit easier.
I intentionally remain mum about my views on politics on the interwebs simply because of a couple of reasons: ONE being that I currently work in the Florida Legislature so I don't like to mix business with pleasure (I fully believe in keeping those things separate meaning work/politics doesn't and will not ever grace my personal life); TWO being people. My daddy always said one of the things you never talk about at the dinner table is politics because it can ruin a perfectly good meal.
So I've remained mum throughout this entire god-awful, mudslinging presidential race. I've watched as friends and family have torn each other apart, spewed foul words and hatred from their mouths, and I've been amazed daily by people and their actions. This blog post is the only thing you will hear from me about any of this mess on the interwebs and that's it. If you want to know where I stand on things, who I voted for, etc., feel free to contact me personally. I'm an open book and stand by my beliefs and convictions.
But I do want to address my brothers and sisters in Christ in this moment - I am disgusted and disappointed in many of you. Not all, but some of you resorted to total disrespect for others, their beliefs, their personal lifestyles, and then you went to church on Sunday and worshipped. Quite the oxymoron if I say so myself. I have many friends who I don't necessarily agree with on certain things but I would NEVER resort to name-calling, belittling, and/or judgement. Whether you were #trumptrain or #imwithher, I saw it from both sides.
Post-election, I'm now seeing brothers and sisters in Christ who are truly falling apart because THEIR candidate didn't get elected. My question and challenge to you is this - where is your faith at?? Who do you answer to at the end of the day and this life?? As far as I'm concerned, I answer to one Person and one Person alone. GOD. Regardless if Trump won or Clinton won, at the end of the day I answer to my MAKER and my purpose for being placed here at this time never changes. To my brothers and sisters in Christ who are literally acting as if the world has ended - Get a grip.
Harsh, much? Probably. But seriously. Your purpose that GOD has given you (not some man with a bad hairdo or a woman with ugly suits) has not changed. YOU were placed here to serve GOD, not the POTUS. Recognize that your life in fact isn't over and start praying for our nation, our people, for God's will to be done. Because at the end of the day, God is SOVEREIGN and nothing happens without His knowing.
Happy Wednesday, folks. Again, get a grip.

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  1. Girlllll, it's been so hard sitting back and keeping mum. I have tried my hardest. Thankfully my boyfriend is beyond calming and between us both before we do or say something we will later regret we come to a place of peace. Once we step back and look at the situation at hand with open eyes and an open heart we can except all. No we may not agree with everything but it is nothing we can change now so we have no other choice but to agree and move forward. It is so sad to see ALL the hate spewed on Facebook from all sides. It is not just Hillary supports and it's not just Trump supporters. It is so many people just not being able to cope. I hope and pray we can all move past this and be at a place of peace. God first.

    1. Amen girl! My heart is breaking into so many pieces seeing people turn on each other. I'm sure the devil is laughing hysterically at the chaos. At the end of the day, we all are precious people and entitled to our opinions. Hope your week has been good!