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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Day

I always love hearing about other folks' Christmas traditions, how their days go about, what they have planned to do with their families and friends. That's something that marriage really taught me - not everybody's Christmas looks the same but it's still so wonderful and beautiful. Hunter and I have started a couple of our own traditions but we also meld together each of our own individual traditions that we had when growing up.
Our Christmas day looks a little something like this...
... We start by waking up pretty early and opening gifts with each other. We might have Christmas music playing in the background (I get this from my dad, we ALWAYS had music playing in the background). Of course, coffee is consumed because #NotAMorningPerson.
... Next we head out to meet up with Hunter's family and friends to deliver Christmas cookies to folks who have to work on Christmas day. This is something we started about 3 years ago and it has stuck. We always get the best responses when we deliver the goodies - people are always so shocked and appreciative. Totally makes the entire day worth it. Be Jesus every day, all day.
This was from a couple of years ago (I think)

Last year's cookie packing party!
... From there, we head to my in-laws house to eat a yummy breakfast and do Christmas gift exchanges with them. My MIL can make some dadgum good food ya'll. I'm talking biscuits and gravy, sausage, casseroles. Lord help me, my mouth is already watering. Some people always seem irked to have to spend holidays with their in-laws but I'm quite the exception I guess. I love it!
... This year will include a new tradition that was inspired by a friend of mine (hi Denise!). She was telling me about how she and her late SIL's friends will all get together and make a beautiful cake from Southern Living's magazine to honor her and her life. I was so moved by the idea that I decided to snag a copy of the December magazine and I will attempt to make a pretty cake too. I'll keep ya'll posted on how that goes.
... For Christmas dinner, we all (my in-laws included) head over to my parents' house to chow down. Ya'll, we have folks tell us all the time how lucky we are that our parents get along and like to hang out with each other. AND WE KNOW. We seriously LOVE that our parents are friends, text each other, call each other, hang out with each other (sometimes without us ha!). It seriously is such a blessing for us because we're both so family oriented. I could not even imagine a marriage where our families didn't get along (I know this is sadly the reality for some people).
... And finally, one more tradition being added to the mix this year - GAMES. I'm talking the hilariously quirky Christmas-themed games. And yours truly will be leading the charge and planning that! I will gladly be sharing those pictures.
What are some of your family's traditions on Christmas day? I'm hoping I can add "wear footie pajamas on Christmas eve" to the list of traditions but let's be real:  I will never get my country boy in footie pajamas. It would be a sight to see and probably hilarious. HA!

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  1. I love that you live close enough to both sides of your family to be able to celebrate with everyone! We do our married Christmas alone, just like my parents started when they got married. My dad was in the Air Force, so they could never go home for the holidays. William and I just don;t live close to either side with my family in Colorado and his in Alabama, so we do our own sweet, small Christmas just us two and our dog.

  2. I love all of your traditions! We always have Christmas music playing when we open gifts, and coffee and a fire! We will see my husband's family on Christmas Eve and mine on Christmas Day. Sometimes we all spend the holiday together, but it depends on how many extended family members are in town. Sometimes there's too many people to fit in the house! :) I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

  3. Your Christmas traditions sound so fun! Isn't it such a blessing when ALL the in-laws get along?! I love that! I also love that you guys deliver cookies around town to people who have to work on Christmas, and especially love when you said "Be Jesus every day, all day." AMEN! Merry Christmas, Kelly!