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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Corn Dip Recipe

OK let me preface this by saying this dip does look gross once all ingredients are mixed together. BUT it is sooo good! You'll just have to try it and take my word for it. This delicious gem comes from my sweet Aunt Jenny's recipe book - thank you for sharing with our family!

Are you ready for this super easy recipe?


- 1 can of Rotel
- 3 cans of Mexicorn
- 1 cup of sour cream
- 1 cup of mayo
- 2-3 cups of grated cheese
- 1/2 diced onion


1) Open all cans and drain juices; set aside.
2) Measure out the sour cream and mayo; set aside.
3) Dice your half onion - don't cry; set aside.
4) Find a big, adorable bowl.
5) Mix everything together.

Amazing right?! Did I lose anybody there? I know it can be difficult, but you will prevail my friends! OK, I'm a horrible person and didn't take a picture of this concoction to share with you fine folks, but below is an image I found on Google that closely resembles what the dip looks like (minus the green on top).


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