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Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Fabric Pine Cone

Growing up, my mother was always making little gifts or food goodies for our neighbors and friends. Lucky for all my friends, neighbors, and family, I have picked up her habits! Remember when I said I would share my secrets of the gifts I made this year for some friends? Well, here's one of the DIY gifts I made for some of my co-workers:
{image provided by Southern Komfort}
It's a very easy process -- Here's what you will need:
{image provided by Southern Komfort}
  • Ribbon that is an inch in width (with wire in it - this helps hold the shape later)
  • Styrofoam egg-shaped oval
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Lighter/matches
**All supplies can be purchased at any craft store.
The design:
1. Cut the ribbon in squares that are roughly 1-2 inches long (see squares in above picture).
2. Singe the ends of the ribbon to avoid any stragglers from coming out when you're pinning the fabric to the Styrofoam.

3. Pin a a square on the top and bottom of the Styrofoam oval so that the Styrofoam isn't showing on those ends.

4. Fold the square fabric in half, corner to opposite corner, to make a triangle.

{image provided by Southern Komfort}
5. Holding the Styrofoam oval so that the smallest end is down, starting at the bottom, pin the   triangle downward.

{images provided by Google}

6. Continue pinning each triangle around the Styrofoam oval, working from bottom to top.
7. Once Styrofoam is completely covered with fabric, you can either leave as is or make it an ornament by adding ribbon to the top of it.
I made my gifts as ornaments and pinned ribbon to the biggest side of the ornament (top) and attached a little charm to each one. The ladies loved them and they took less than 30 minutes to make each one.

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