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Friday, December 13, 2013

High Five for Friday

We made it to Friday! Bring on the weekend!

Who doesn't love Friday's?! Friday's mean the weekend is merely just around the corner. Some of you may have big plans for your weekend, while others are simply relaxing. It always seems like my weekends are packed with nothing but family, friends, and the church house on Sunday's... All great things!
Another wonderful thing about Friday's are High Five for Fridays! High Five for Fridays, for those unfamiliar to the blogging term, is a list of five wonderful things that happened this week that need some notoriety. It can be anything from trying a new recipe to a life changing decision... All blessings are worth counting no matter how small. Here we go... This week's High Fives:
1) Of course this will be in the number one spot - Southern Komfort Blog came alive! It's only the first week in the blog, but I'm uber excited to see what the future holds.
2) Christmas decorations. Need I say more?! I love love LOVE Christmas time and all it has to offer. Check out some of the decorations my family and I did this week!

3) A sweet friend of mine (many mistake us for twins) just recently bought a house and is having her housewarming party tomorrow. I'm so excited and proud of her in making this next step in her life. Home owning can be so fun!
{image provided by Southern Komfort Blog}
4) My lazy butt has made it to the gym this week. No, I'm not going to try and lose weight (Lord knows I don't need to lose any). I have a gym membership to encourage me to be more active and actually gain weight through building muscle. I can feel the difference in my energy level when I don't work out compared to when I do. Another plus, my better half joined me!

{image provided by Google}
5) Last, but certainly not least, my Auburn Tigers are going to the National Championship. I haven't quite wrapped my head around this concept (seeing that we were a rough 3-9 season last year). This game is also interesting for me because the Tigers will be playing my Alma Mater, FSU. May the best team win... and War Eagle!
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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