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Monday, December 16, 2013

One Year!

I just realized the other day that it has been a year since I proudly graduated from Florida State University with my Bachelor's in Marketing. Holy cow, time flies when you're having fun! Some of you reading this may be thinking "This girl has lost her ever-loving mind". I'll have you know, it took me SIX {read it people}, SIX years to get through college. It wasn't because I partied, didn't care, or struggled to pass classes - this chick worked full time while putting herself through college.
**Side note: I am FOREVER grateful to my parents and boyfriend for financially assisting me through my last semester in college. There is a special place in Heaven for all of you :)
With this big anniversary for me, I've decided to list 12 positive things that have happened in my life since graduating college. 12 things for each month I've been out... Come on people, math!
1) Sleep was afforded to me again and the little dark circles under my eyes have left me. Hallelujah!
{image provided by Google}
2) Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year I was part of a company layoff. However, I was able to land a career pretty quickly working with the Florida Senate. Tell me that isn't awesome?! If you're ever visiting the Capitol, stop by to say hey!
3) To make a VERY long story short, I legally won all rights to my house. What a great day that was! I will be moving into my home at the beginning of 2014 (it has been used as rental property), and I will most surely share my decorating adventures with you.
4) My boyfriend, Hunter, and I had the amazing opportunity to partake in a mission trip through our church to Honduras this past summer. I truly left a piece of my heart with the people in that country - summer 2014 cannot come fast enough!

{images provided by Southern Komfort Blog}
5) Upon returning from Honduras, Hunter and I jumped on board as being leaders/helpers for our church's middle school and high school youth groups. Talk about a whirlwind! But I love every minute of it.
6) I have had some amazing friendships come to fruition this year! I love each and every single person that has come into my life - thank you for putting up with my quirkiness!

{some of the ladies supporting our men's flag football team}
7) My sister is driving... Watch out world! In all seriousness, she's a great driver. Slightly heavy on the gas pedal, but hey, aren't most of us??

{my sister after getting her permit - isn't she presh?!}
8) My Auburn Tigers have somehow miraculously made it to the National Championship. They will be playing my Alma Mater, FSU. Man oh man!
9) My sidekick is doing great and still spoiled rotten! Adoption alert: We may be adding to our family soon so that Manny can have a buddy to play with. Updates will come!

{Manny being a goober as always}
10) My family is doing great and no unfortunate, surprise health issues thus far. God is so good!
11) Bragging time: I have watched Hunter become the man God intends him to be this year. He has always had an amazing heart and I've always loved him... But with his new found relationship with God, my love for him has grown deeper in ways I simply cannot describe. His heart for his Lord and others is undeniably contagious and fulfilling to be around. I cannot wait to see what great things are in store for him, and us as a couple.

{We're special, we know}
12) And finally, I'm just entirely excited to see what 2014 has in store for me. I know that there are big things to come... and I'm ready.

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