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Friday, December 20, 2013

What day is it?!


Goodness, I love Friday's! It's been quite a busy week for this chick. Between work, gearing up for Christmas, visiting with friends, getting ready for Jep to come... I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off!
Despite the mad chaos, this week has been an amazing week!
1) Earlier this week, I grabbed some pre-work breakfast with Ashley at the oh-so-delish Chick-fil-A. Check out her blog!
2) Tuesday provided for an awesome and riveting bible study with some close friends from my church. I just love these folks! We ate, fellowship, and talked about the Love of our lives... What more could you ask for?
3) Let me tell you about my sister-friend, Tiani. Tiani is my K-Pop loving, multi-lingual speaking, God-fearing, bunk bed buddy in Honduras, fellow youth leader, goober of a friend. She has been afforded the awesome opportunity to attend University of Florida in Gainesville to further her education in bilingual studies. Wednesday, we had a surprise going away get-together for her, and honestly, I'm going to miss her awesome smile and kind soul around the halls of our church. I know she'll be back to visit on weekends here and there. Love you my sweet Tiani!
{image provided by Southern Komfort - Tiani and I in Honduras}

{image provided by Southern Komfort - Tiani teaching}
4) Thursday I had dinner with my sidekick, Kate. This girl and I, the world better watch out when we're together! I love and appreciate everything about her and her friendship.
5) Tonight, Hunter and I are joining some fellow youth leaders and newly engaged friends of ours. They are such amazing people and the kind of friends you want and need in your life. We cannot wait to enjoy dinner with them and celebrate their engagement!

**Bonus High Five: We get to pick up Jep this weekend!!!

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