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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A work in progress... The living room

Hi friends! As many of you may know {whether it's through reading my blog daily - thank you! Or just by knowing me personally}, I have finally moved into my house. Let me tell ya, my creative juices have been flowing like the Niagara Falls and my hands have been itching to create and decorate each room in the house.

I wanted to share the progress, as I go along in each room of the house, and show you fine folks the changes as they have come. Ya'll are, afterall, my biggest supporters and faithful prayer people. It's been an exciting time in the household!

First and foremost, the living room. This is obviously an important room to decorate accordingly since this is the hang-out for us and friends. See for yourself how we have made it more of a cozy home...

As you can see, we have added many of our own touches from the deer head on the wall to the antique picture (that's my great grandmother!). I would still like to add a couple more pieces of art to the walls, find a cover for the futon and chairs, and possibly a floor rug to go in the center of the room.

Thanks for stopping by to visit my humble abode! Check back next week, same time, to see more of my home. Until then...

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