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Monday, February 24, 2014

Are we there yet?

Last year, I was able to travel abroad to the beautiful country of Honduras. If you know me personally or follow my blog, you would know that I fell in love with the people of this country and the country itself.

Sadly, I will not be able to return this summer to Honduras. I cannot wait to see the pictures and hear the stories when my fellow missionaries return. Keep on spreading the love of Christ friends!

However, excitedly, I will be traveling with our high school youth group to North Carolina for MFUGE. I am beyond excited about this opportunity to travel, work, and love with my kids. I cannot wait to see where God takes us on this journey, and watching their hearts grow even more. God is so good!

I'm very excited to be able to do mission work "locally" this year. God can work in some mysterious ways in putting things together and I'm thrilled He has opened this door for me. I absolutely love spending time with my youth kids, so a few days away doing nothing but sharing the love of Christ, it'll be awesome to say in the least.

Some of you may be wondering what MFUGE is. Check out their website here!

I cannot wait for June to be here! Watch out folks... First Baptist is headed your way!

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