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Friday, February 21, 2014


Hello Friday, you arrived mighty fast this week!

1. As a follow-up to my post on #CrawlForACause, we raised over $4,000 for the Broken Hearts of Florida Foundation. HOLY COW! Thank you again to everybody for your support.

2. Earlier this week, Ashley and I were able to catch up over some Dunkin Donuts breakfast. Love that place! And I always love catching up on our busy lives. It does a girl's heart some good {and her boyfriend/husband's ears some good as well, ha!}.

3. I'm in the process of having my backyard fenced in {due to a neighbor's vicious dog...} and I was able to meet our fence guy, who happens to be a good friend, and get things rolling on the process. I'm beyond excited to have a fence put up... Now Jep and I won't be walking on eggshells when we go out.

4. Thursday night, Hunter and I joined my family for dinner. While Hunter was in class before dinner, I was able to watch my little sister knock a few balls out of the park. She is an excellent softball player! I know I may be biased, but the girl can rock some socks I tell ya.

5. This week has been a week of change. To make a very long and drama-filled story short, Hunter and my dad have left their company to pursue better opportunities. I could not be more proud of them for striving to achieve their goals, and walking out with their heads held high. As stressful as the situation was, they're both on to bigger and much better things.

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