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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I have problems

Yes, it's true. I have problems.

I have many problems. I have a quick temper that I so desperately pray over every day. I can run my mouth a mile a minute if you so much as insult someone I love and care for. I have a hard time letting go.

I have problems. But! I have Jesus. I have His salvation, His love, His patience that guides me through life and to fall on.

I love it when Hunter and I find out that a long time friend (of Hunter's, so glad he wasn't mine. See, there's that temper!) had been confessing to others that he doesn't like us anymore because we're the "Christian people that can't have fun."

I kid you not folks, I cannot make this up.

Hunter and I knew that by changing our lives from the worse (trust me kid, you're lifestyle is not glamorous) to the better, we would probably lose some friends along the way. Not so much in that we wanted to lose those friendships, but that we wouldn't be doing the same activities as we once were doing. However, this kid seemed to have a real issue with us becoming real "Christians." And yes, he's a kid, a child, because of his behavior.

At first, I was hot when I found this out. But then I realized something... I can do what this kid could never do. I am able to recognize that I have issues, and own up to them.

My faith is not something for me to flaunt, shove in other people's faces, or force on anybody. My faith is all about MY relationship with God and how I can turn to him for guidance when I fall short. Granted, I do like to talk about my faith and share the desires of my heart with those who will give me the time of day; so sue me.

So to this once friend, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you cannot state your problem to the person's face but instead blast it in a bar... You're cool.

I feel sorry for you not being able to realize that you have pushed EVERY.SINGLE person away from you that actually cares about you.

I feel sorry for you because you cannot admit that you're human, with problems, and that you need faith to guide you through this life. Or at least something bigger than you! I know, it would be a blow to your ego but trust me, you need it.

And guess what. We're doing the "Christian people who can't have fun" thing and we're actually praying for you. For your heart to soften; for you to not be so judgmental; and for your lonely, lonely life that you're obviously living.

Your loss kid. You lost one hell of a friend in Hunter. And for that, I'm really praying for your soul.

::drops mic::

Thank you for sticking through this rant sesh - I feel much better!

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  1. Glad you got that off of your chest. Just bless his presh little heart.

  2. You have a fire that won't burn out and he is a sad pile of ash. Ain't nobody got time for that anyway!

  3. oh girl. I'm so sorry. I've been through a similar situation (one of my "friends") and Christian was like, "You're SUPER fun!" hahaha. "thanks, babe." I'd like to second what Meg said... (laughing)... ditto!!!

  4. HOLD UP us Christians have LOTS of fun too!! And when lifestyles change people get left behind and it's too bad but the most we can do is love them unconditionally and pray!

  5. We lost friends too when we changed our lives, and I have to also admit I still have a lot, if not more, fun now!!

  6. You guys are better off without that negativity! Just keep doing what you're doing. :)

  7. God really convicted me of my unholy anger towards things, and showed me that a lot of my anger was rooted in a misplaced identity in Him, a lack of understanding of how He is the only one I ought to seek affirmation from, how I was not trusting Him and was seeking to control things among many other things.

    God did a huge work dealing with my anger the last couple of months and I have found that when I feel my temper rise in me the Holy Spirit is quick to convict me and I'm more likely to respond.

    It can be so frustrating, hurtful, and insulting when we are rejected for living fully in Christ, I know when God deals with the roots of our temper we can be surprised at how loving we can be, and how differently we can respond in the face of persecution and demonstrate the gospel in the way the world would not expect.

    I guess your friend just really needs Jesus like the rest of us, hope to hear of a future post where you are reconciled :)