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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's BBQ!

With summer here and the warm weather all around us, I can't help but day-dream about my patio/deck/BBQ place once Hunter and I are able to move to Quincy and establish these dreams. It's funny how things work out sometimes... Hunter's grandmother's house is for sale and I just adore it.

Her house is quaint, country-styled, and has been in the family for several, several years. With her passing just shy of 3 years ago, the home has been up for sale and is currently being rented. We've always wanted to keep her home in the family, and now with our plans moving forward to relocate to Quincy, we can't help but want her house.

It has the original wood floors, brick fireplace, and a front porch that is perfect for some rocking chairs. With the purchase of this house, we will be doing some rennovations to it - completely redoing the bathroom, the kitchen, and enclosing the backyard with a fence. Now we're mulling around the idea of building a deck area for grilling out along the backside of the house.

Of course, as any insane woman would do, I went straight to Pinterest for ideas. I couldn't help it ya'll! Here are some of my favorites, that also coincide with what I have in mind...

All pictures are courtesy of Pinterest

Of course some kind of cuteness has to be displayed

I'm loving the color scheme - notice the sunflowers (our wedding flowers)

I love the lights and woodsy look

I want to try so hard to not kill every plant I touch

Again, the lights

I am making this palette bench and table happening
What are some of your favorite patio looks?



  1. Love your patio ideas! Especially the pallet couch! I'm in the process of researching patio/porch ideas myself. I'm wanting to have a screened in porch added on to my house. And I'm definitely thinking pallet furniture is a must.

  2. These are such great patio ideas. Isn't it funny how things work sometimes. Now you may get your dream home afterall. What better way to start a new chapter in your life than by getting something you've always wanted and has meant so much to you.

    So happy for you, keep us updated on your renovation plans/ideas.

    --Me And My Mini Me

  3. Oh my gosh, I stalked your Pinterest for your backyard ideas! I love all of them!!

  4. following you on pinterest NOW- I want all of these