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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Making a list, checking it twice

Erin at Love, Fun and Football had published a list some time ago, and I just couldn't help myself. I love lists and what better way to jot down things that are happening in the moment.

Image MapMaking : Lasagna and salad for a friend who has just had her sweet baby boy!

Cooking : The noodles for said lasagna. This is so hard not to eat!

Drinking : A big ole glass of sweet tea.

Reading: A book on my Kindle... I honestly can't remember what it's called. The Curse on the Cape maybe?? It's pretty good though!

Wanting: Next weekend to be here because it'll be a longggg weekend for me! I plan on soaking up some sunshine.

Looking: For a DJ for the wedding. Why is this the hardest detail??

Playing: With Jep as he's trying to see what I'm cooking.

Deciding: On what to wear tonight as we celebrate Ashley turning the big 2-5. 
Wishing: These noodles would boil faster.
Enjoying: All this sunshiney weather! I'm without a doubt a Florida gal.
Waiting: For the big day to arrive. Less than 4 months away!!
Liking: The fact that a long weekend is coming up. Hellluurrrrrr!!
Wondering: If Hunter's having a good day building a ramp. Gotta love a man who loves to give back to his community.
Loving: Spending time with my momma.
Pondering: What time I need to have this sucker (lasagna) done by to be able to deliver it in a timely fashion and get to the birthday girl's festivities on time!
Considering: Going outside to sit by the pool. Focus Kelly! 
Watching: Jep and Manny run around like a bunch of fools.
Hoping: That my house will sell as soon as I can put it on the market. Any buyers??

Marveling: At all of the blessings that God has given me. I am so unworthy! 
Needing: Chocolate. I really need want some chocolate right now.
Smelling: That oh so delish aroma of homemade spaghetti sauce. And freshly cut grass.
Wearing: My go-to comfy clothes: Tshirt, shorts, and flip-flops.
Following: nothing? Sad, I know.

Noticing: That time is flying by wicked wicked fast.

Knowing: That no matter what each day brings me, God will provide. I keep having to tell myself that because there is just so much happening in the near future.

Thinking: About all the lovely clothes and shoes I really really want.

Feeling: Nostalgic. Not sure why.

Admiring: The little fat squirrel pigging out on the bird feed. Oh the life of a fat squirrel.

Sorting: All of the thoughts in my head. I really shouldn't keep all my most complicated thoughts in my head.
Buying: Hopefully, groceries soon. Ha!

Getting: Excited for the 4th of July weekend coming up!

Bookmarking: Actually nothing at the moment. Well that's a lie. Does bookmarking different homes in Quincy count??

Disliking: Discord in the church. It's disgusting, disrespectful, and plain disobedient to God's word (ya'll catch onto the "dis"? Eh eh eh??)

Opening: some cabinets to find the dern casserole dish for this lasagna.

Giggling: At my fur babies' goofiness.


  1. M and I focused a lot on the music for our reception too!! I think because music can have such an impact on the mood, and how much dancing happens, and you want someone who can play things to keep the young people engaged but also get the older folks up and moving too! You'll find the perfect one though :)
    Enjoy partying tonight, buy the birthday girl a tequila on me ;) and take lots of pics!! Xx

  2. The music was a big deal to me too, even though we only had 6 guests ;) Since we had a small reception, we made our own playlist! :) Hope you girls have fun tonight!!!!!!

  3. Love this post! dis-anything is never good sorry you're dealing with that ):

    DJs...oh my don't even get me started.