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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wedding Bells

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I want to take the time to wish  a dear friend of mine, Rosa, and her husband-to-be a wonderful and happy wedding day! Hunter and I are honored to be able to share this day with ya'll.

We will be spending the day helping set-up to ensure that their day runs smoothly and swimmingly. Eeek! It just reminds me that our wedding is only a mere 4 months away! I cannot wait to be the Mrs.

For all my friends and family, I ask that you will take some time today to pray for our friends' new lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Pray that God will bless their marriage with so much happiness, joy, and love. And pray that wherever life may lead them, that they will always remember to honor God and each other in their marriage.

Now let's get down to par-tayy! Congratulations Rosa and Jody - may God bless you this beautiful day, and every day!


  1. Weddings are so much fun, hope it was a beautiful day (which weddings always are)!