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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What to expect when you're expecting + Wednesday Wishes

No, dear Lord no. We are not expecting a baby. One day maybe, but not now ha!

This is a "What to expect when you're expecting..." bridal registry style. See, we had this awesome vision of what registering for gifts would be like. Think

... smiles
... nifty scanner gun
... Hunter and I hand in hand roaming the stores
... knocking out 3 places in a matter of just half a day.

Boy were we wrong! Let's see... It all started when we went to Target and all the kiosks were broken. No biggie, I could do it online. Not the end of the world. No bridal meltdown needed here.

Next was Bed Bath & Beyond. Here's where the snag took place. I guess we've I've watched wayyy too many bridal shows and movies. I simply thought we would put in our info, get a quick run down by the store associate, and voila! We'd be off to the races, free-roaming through the stores. Laughing all the way, ha ha ha!

Wake up and smell the linoleum floors, Kelly.

We sat down with a lovely associate, went over information, giggled and oooh'ed and aahhh'ed. Then she kindly said, "We're not like other stores where we just give you the scanner and let you run free."

Screeching tires

Us: "Wait... what?"

Sales associate: "No, I'll be walking with you through the store to help you better manage your time."

My thoughts: Okay, whatever lady. No biggie, you lead us through, we'll scan some things, no bridal meltdown needed here.....

People, I kid you not when I tell you, the whole process took 4 hours. Read it, 4 hours. And we only got 2/3 of the store done!! That's when the bridal meltdown came. Not by muah, but by Hunter. Yes, ladies, my strapping fellow of 6'4, 250 lbs., all football muscle, had a minor meltdown.

*Snickers... Look who bridezilla is now!*

Rightfully so - he was tired, had been drug through a store, and was hangry (hangry: anger when hungry). So I had the associate wrap it up quickly with the section we were in, scheduled to come back alone Thursday to complete the process, and briskly left the store with my diva falling apart. Bless his heart, he really is a trooper.

Am I going back Thursday to finish? Ya'll are sprayed roach crazy if you think I'm going back in there to be led around again. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for the world of online registry. Thus, I have cancelled my appointment for Thursday, completed the rest of the registry online (who knew I had half a brain and could do this myself?!), registered with Target online, and all at the comfort of my desk.

So some tidbits for any of my bride-to-be friends:

+ If registering in the store, wear a good set of shoes, comfy clothes, and bring snacks

+ If registering in the store, do not think you're being a snot by telling the associate, "No, I don't need a sausage maker because we hunt and have our meats processed." (Our associate was vegetarian/vegan/didn't believe in eating meat - no judgement- so she was shocked at our lifestyle)

+ If registering in the store, do not get mad at your husband-to-be for wandering away from you. He's not interested in this. Trust me, he's only there because you drug him there. If he says he's interested, he's lying.

+ For the love of God, just register online. I'm very much a visual creature so online was somewhat hard for me, but by golly they have pictures and tons of details online. Just save yourself the trouble.

I hope these stories and tidbits have been helpful in some way. I did talk to friends later who said they were able to run wild in Bed Bath & Beyond, without the assistance of an associate. Maybe what happened to us was because of a new store policy. Maybe she was trying to make money. Or maybe we just looked like a bunch of confused folks. Nevertheless, ya'll enjoy the moments you have during the planning process! Hunter and I have laughed non-stop about the whole adventure!

Just for giggles, here's a picture post diva meltdown:

You can't help but laugh at that sweet face, with his hair all wild
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  1. Wow! I can't believe you had those experiences. Target was a blast for us and BBB was fun too! They tried to say that they were going to manage our time but Chris and I told her to let us register or peace or we would leave - needless to say she left us alone.

  2. You have saved Harrison from a bridal meltdown he would have had, had we gone to BBB to do this in person! Thank you for this post! Looks like we'll be doing our stuff online!

  3. I was in shock when we registered at BBB too! I was so bummed we couldn't walk around alone and not to mention it was AWKWARD! Hey lady, sure I'd love for you to follow us around while we spend 15 minutes contemplating bath towels!

  4. I'm going to be honest, I laughed at Hunter's misfortune. Seriously though? They lead you around to better manage your time yet can't complete the store in 4 hrs? Ugh. Ridiculous!! I'm sure some bride is thanking you up and down for telling her this so she can avoid future hassles! Thanks for linking up!!

  5. Oh my!! Haha! 4 hours??! Loved this post! Now when the time comes for me (whenever that may be) I'll know to just do it all online! :-)

  6. 4 hours?! I'm a self proclaimed shopoholic and I don't think I could of gone through with that! lol.
    P.S - I totally lol'ed when I read *hangry*, it describes me to a T!

  7. WAIT, four hours is too long for anybody! Poor Hunter! He's a trooper for sticking around as long as he did. It definitely sounds like online is the way to go.

  8. FOUR HOURS?! Holy cow. I went with a friend once to register at BB&B (her fiance was not interested, shocker) and we ran amok for a while, shooting completely random things with the gun which we then de-registered from her computer at home ha. So I may have been part of the reason a sales associate now follows registerers around...sorry! ;) Love the term hangry

  9. I don't think I have ever laughed so much reading a blog post!! I am so sorry you had this experience. I would of had a melt down too and well my man sure would of too. He def would of walked away haha. I can't believe stay with people. Who would seriously want that?