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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yo yo yo... It's Hump Day! + Wednesday Wishes

Image MapI absolutely love Wednesdays because they remind me that Friday and the weekend are just a skip away! I'm pretty much giving up on the fact that time will ever slow down. In fact, I've been told by a very reliable source (read: dad) that time actually speeds up as you get older.

Bless me.

Nonetheless, I'm so happy today is Wednesday! For this week, Wednesday means that it's that much closer that Hunter comes home from counting turtles his work trip. Just talking to him early this morning and hearing how bad he misses me just makes my heart ache for Friday to be here so that I can wrap my arms around him again.

It's weird because I absolutely don't mind being a hunter's widow. Let me clarify that for all you non-hunter folks...

hunter's widow (noun): a person that has been left on the homestead while the significant other has gone hunting; a person that is able to clean the house more efficiently while significant other hunts prey.

Becoming a hunter's widow typically takes place during deer season in the fall and can last several weeks. I will say this, very rarely am I ever left home because, duh, this girl hunts too. Either way, I'm ready to have Hunter home!

I do hope though that while he is away, that he is enjoying himself and learning so much about his job. I also hope that he is taking advantage of this time away to ready himself for the future. I just hope that my best friend is having the time of his life!

Look at that cute lil beard growing there!

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  1. Those selfies/snap-chats/texts, etc really make the separations easy though don't they! Jay was away last week and his selfies made me feel like we weren't quite so far apart!

  2. You're too funny Kelly! My hubby is a city boy though I grew up in the country and all my guy friends would hunt all the time. I can see my hubby becoming that though. We want to move to the country :)

  3. I cannot say I understand the "hunters widow" maybe fishing? But my best friend back home says this is a very true definition!

  4. I can't wait for hunting season!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

  5. I am not a hunters widow (maybe a fishermans widow?) but when we lived in Minnesota for a few years, I knew several widows! It felt like everyone hunted there!

  6. ahhh hahahah hunter's widow! Of COURSE I have never heard of that. But please please can you and your hunter man come up to DC and do a lil hunting to take care of our deer problem!

  7. You're the hunter's widow, I'm the soccer widow. But man, I can get a lot accomplished when he's away!

  8. Hahaha I'm a golfer's widow during the golf season! Guess we all 'suffer' in some way ;)

  9. haha!!!! You guys are so cute I Looooove it!! (Totally... I would be... what would I be called? The Rocker's widow?)