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Friday, December 19, 2014

Livin' On Love

You get 2 candy canes if you can guess who sings the title of this post.
Guys... It's Friday! And it's a beautiful Friday at that! Except all my work peeps are droppin' like flies over here due to the flu, strep throat, colds. #lonesurvivor
Today, I'm all about the things I'm loving right now and I wanted to share some of this joy in your lives...
I love love love cuddles with this big baby! Just about every morning, both of my fur baby boys are snuggled up next to their mama. It's moments like these that make them super sweet and I can forgive them for chewing on my shoes and peeing on my favorite rug.

This coffee mug that my sweet boss gave me for Christmas! She knows how much I love my iced coffee in the mornings.
**Next picture contains dead animal. Skip over it if you can't handle it.**

This guy right here. This deer he shot on Sunday will feed our family for weeks and weeks. And for all you nay sayers against hunting... It's in the bible. Read Genesis and then come back and talk to me.

Is this not the prettiest thing ever?! Thursday night, Hunter, my in laws, and I all met with a family friend over dinner and he brought us this beautiful handmade, clay sunflower that his wife made. I cannot wait to find this beauty a place in our home!
Happy weekending friends! This weekend consists of tacky Christmas sweater parties, egg nog, friends, and family. God is so good to me!

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  1. Your weekend sounds like it's going to be pretty perfect :) Good job on the deer Hunter!

  2. Mmmmm...venison :-p Delicious! Have a good weekend, Kelly!

    1. I thought I was gonna be so clever saying Alan Jackson. You beat me to it!! :)

  3. I still LOVE that sunflower. Happy Weekend Kelly!

  4. Weeks!! My brother just shot his first deer and said he is bringing us jerky for christmas :)