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Friday, December 12, 2014

Many Rambles

Today is just one of those days where I have about 2,512 tabs open in my brain on all the things I need to do, get done, and enjoy this upcoming weekend. Of course, some randoms are always thrown into the mix.
I got my eyes dilated yesterday. I've got some pretty good looking eyeballs and I can rock the plastic hater shades.
This weekend, I have 2 of my gal pals graduating college and I could not be more excited for them! They both have worked so hard to get where they're at and I know this will be a relief for them. Congrats ladies!
To go along with the graduation weekend, Hunter and I are going to a wedding tomorrow morning. I can honestly say this will be a first for me - a wedding in the am. We are so stinkin excited to celebrate the marriage of 2 amazing, godly friends. Sam and Anna, God is going to bless your marriage in so many ways. We love you both!
Because of said 2 events, I need to wrap those presents for said 2 events above.
Tomorrow afternoon, Hunter has his work Christmas party. Which means, I have to slightly behave.
We went to see Christmas lights last night and I was like a kid in a candy shop. Hot chocolate + hot husband + amazing friends = pee pants McGee happy.

Hunter's semester is over which makes this chick so stinkin happy because that means I get a couple weeks of his undivided attention after work. How do you like them apples college?!
I found out a couple of days ago that my cousin and her husband have started the adoption process to bring home a child from China. I cannot even begin to tell ya'll how happy this makes my heart!
Other than a nagging headache, I'm ready to enjoy this Friday and weekend full of celebrations. Thank you Lord for a wonderful season!

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  1. Happy Friday!! I'm going to the eye doctor tomorrow! I hope they give me some of those awesome shades. I'm not sure I'll look as cool as you did in them!

  2. I haven't been to an early wedding in forever!!!! I hope you have a blast! I have one next weekend at noon!!!!

  3. I want to go look at Christmas lights. We haven't yet this year! Honestly, I'm not sure where to in a new city! :)