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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Rustic Palette Headboard

Hey friends! It's been a hot minute since I've posted any DIY projects or recipes. Let's face it, it's hard to do these things knowing that they will just end up in the closet until you can move out of your parents' house this summer. Just sayin...
Anywho, I'm always browsing Pinterest looking for crafty ideas. There are always those flops but every now and then I can find something that is doable. Sometimes with the help of an awesome husband and dad :)
I love anything rustic. Le duh, our wedding screamed rustic. I've been wanting a headboard for quite some time but with character and flair. Enter, the palettes. 

God was shining down on those palettes...
First things first, think of your design and how you want your headboard to look. We originally were going to build a frame, remove each board, and arrange like so. That plan quickly changed when we realized how difficult removing said boards are.
Once we realized where we wanted to go in our design, it was just a matter of finding similar sized palettes. Each palette was designed differently - some had bigger boards than others, some were more rectangular than others. Once you have similar palettes and the design down pat, begin attaching the palettes.
To attach the palettes together, we took 3 boards from another palette and used them as the connector. By attaching one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom via screws on the backside, the palettes became connected in an instant. Well more like 15 minutes but you get my drift. We also placed 2 boards across the top of the palettes to serve as the top-piece, and essentially keep the top from being open and allowing things to fall through the palettes.
My sweet, hardworking men. Please excuse the ripped sheet - thank Jep for that. Also, please excuse no bed skirt... it's currently packed away somewhere.
Finally, we lined the palettes to the wall, the bed to the palettes, made sure all looked dandy, and secured the bed to the palettes with screws. By using screws, this will allow us to back out the screws and break down the headboard when we move this summer.
Please excuse the mess (namely me) on the bed... I didn't believe in getting dolled up that day. All wall d├ęcor were wedding gifts.
It was so nice having this headboard to spice up our room a little bit. It made living with mom and dad for this short period of time that much more bearable! Kidding mom, you know I love you. We didn't stain or sand the wood down because I love the rustic look. I wasn't sure if it would pick at our pillows and sheets but no problems there. I also love how each board is different in size and color - it adds character!
I have another palette project up my sleeve that I'll be working on this weekend. I can't wait to share it with ya'll! My DIY groove is back in action. Just wait until we move this summer - I'll be a designing/crafting fool!

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  1. LOVE this idea! ;) I have a full size bed and one palate works for us. :) it's in our guest bedroom and lightly spray painted teal :) Love the rustic look. so fun.

  2. Kel- I'm totally going to judge you for not having a bedskirt, ok? ;) I LOVE THE HEADBOARD!! And I can't wait to see your next DIY. I'm vicariously living through you since I'm a wannabe crafter.

  3. Very cute!!! I love it! That would look great in our bedroom also!