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Friday, March 20, 2015

Let's call these "Highlights"

Happy end of the work week (for me at least)! This week was rather a busy week for me at work, and outside of work. Hey, I'm just glad I've got another day of living to do! I had lots of favorites from this past week....
one// My women's ministry group met up on Monday night and it was so nice to just sit out on the deck, talk about life, study Philippians 1, and enjoy each other's company.

two// Early morning sunrises on the way to work...

three// On Wednesday night we had game night with our youth. It was so fun and so hilarious! Have ya'll ever played Hungry Hungry Hippo human style?
four// Spontaneous lunch dates with my momma to Chick-Fil-A because she's on Spring Break this week. Oh the perks of working in the education system!
five// Changes that are coming that I cannot talk about yet, but I will soon. At this time I just ask for prayers. Pray that God will lead Hunter and I through these changes with the sole intentions of making His name known. Pray for our marriage because I'm sure it will be a test of our marriage, at times. And no, I'm not pregnant and we're not moving anywhere.
Happiest of Friday's to ya'll! Hunter and I will be going to my cousin's wedding this weekend and we're so so soooo excited for her and her daughter to be embarking on this new journey with a wonderful man.
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  1. Such good highlights!!!
    You've got our prayers beautiful!!!!
    Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

  2. Prayers for you guys!
    What a beautiful sunset and HOW HAVE I NEVER PLAYED HUNGRY HIPPOS HUMAN STYLE?!?!

  3. I can relate to your enjoyment of Chick Fil A... I also posted about that today on my blog!!! haha!

  4. Not sure if my other comment went through! But, I WANT TO PLAY HUNGRY HIPPO! Haha, that is awesome!

  5. Human hungry hippo sounds hilarious! And prayers your way for your big changes, friend!!